Why do cyclists shave their legs?

Why do cyclists shave their legs?

Smooth Ride – Cyclists Step up with Elevare

If you’re a dedicated rider or want to go ‘full cyclist’ this season you’ll need to shave your legs to get the pro look. An Elevare shower foot rest and a new razor will make your deforestation project much easier.

At the crack of dawn every Saturday and Sunday morning you’ll see them –  rain, hail or shine — groups of cyclists who don lycra and head out on gruelling bayside rides or punishing hill climbs and take over local cafes en masse for their post ride lattes.

The one thing these predominately male riders or ‘MAMIL’s (Middle-aged men in lycra) have in common, other than the hi-tech, expensive carbon-fibre road bikes, is a pair of muscular shaved legs. While they may not rival the sinewy, veiny and bulging pins of the riders of the Tour de France, the smooth look of a well shaved leg separates the pros from the hacks.

Why Cyclists shave?

The science behind shaving legs is debatable, some cyclists think having a clean shaven  aerodynamic leg profile will shave precious seconds off their personal best times (not proven to work, but worth a shot) but these are the main reasons cyclists shave:

It makes massage more comfortable:

After a 4 hour ride the pros get a deep tissue massage in a recovery tent at the finish line. It’s only being considerate to your masseuse to shave your legs – it helps cut down on the amount of massage oil used and makes their job easier.

It’s easier to treat road rash:

Spills and falls on a Grand Tour or a weekend ride in the suburbs are common. Gravel rash or flesh wounds and hairy legs just don’t go together – ripping Band Aids off hairy legs is a nightmare even for the most hard core Hell Rider.

Tradition or because it just looks better!

Cyclists have been shaving their legs for generations and smooth legs are just the style that goes with the sport. The look of close fitting lycra shorts is ruined with a pair of wooly legs protruding from them.

Elevare – step up in the shower like a pro

Standing on one leg stark naked, armed with a lethally sharp disposable razor, covered in shaving foam in a slippery shower – you are just as vunerable to accidents as out on the road on your bike.

Balancing on one leg is risky business and you don’t want your most serious fall to be in the shower. Using an Elevare shower foot rest ensures no more slipping over in the shower and gets your shaving leg in the perfect position.