The Elevare Foot Rest

The Elevare Shower Foot Rest

The Elevare shower foot rest is an easy, non-slip way to shave, tan, exfoliate or moisturise your legs in the shower.

We have all been frustrated with the awkward balancing act trying to shave our legs in the shower. The alternative was to lean on the bathtub but this is often messy, slippery and what happens when you don’t have a bathtub at all?

The Elevare Shower Foot Rest

How to use Elevare


Step 1

Simply place the ergonomically designed shower rest in the corner of your shower and the non-slip rubber grips will keep your leg balanced and secure.


Step 2

With your leg at a convenient, ergonomic height you can shave, tan, exfoliate, apply hair removal treatments or moisturise comfortably and safely.


Step 3

When you are finished simply rinse the Elevare down in the shower. The elegant, one piece design is easy to clean and has an integrated hanger detail that can also store your razor neatly.

Quality materials


The Elevare comes with a unique drawstring travel bag and special color option of lilac.


Elevare Design




The Elevare has been professionally designed by one of Australia’s best industrial design companies, Charlwood design. They have a history of designing award winning products and have created a simple, one piece design that is not only functional but also beautiful to look at. The design has been fully detailed, prototyped and ready for production. This unique and innovative design has been protected through patents.

Why Elevare

One day and like many times before, I needed to shave my legs, whilst in the shower. It was during this particular experience I thought, there has to be an easier way? Upon my research I could not find a product which was adequate to carry out the tedious task of shaving legs safely and efficiently. So it began, my mission to ensure the task of shaving your legs, whilst in the shower a more enjoyable, time efficient and easier experience. After a long and wonderful journey with the aid from one of the most recognised designers in the industry, I believe we have come up with the only solution, ‘The Elevare Shower Foot Rest’.